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One reporting tool to fuel them all

Connect your editorial, ad ops, and sales teams to one, powerful, collaborative analysis dashboard. Make it easy for everyone involved in your ad product to make decisions together & push the business forward synergistically.

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Easily run A/B tests

Easily run A/B ad tests to optimize frequency & location per user, per page, and automatically get the results to your inbox. Seamlessly integrate with your existing ad services, and improve user engagement, revenue and other KPIs without having to implement complicated solutions or change the way you already work.

Get unmatched insights into your ad activity

Analyze your scale, engagement, revenue, impression loss, RPM, CPM, ad location performance, viewability, loading times, and more. Do it in real-time, from a bird’s eye view or at a granular level, from a place.

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Analyze all your data in one place, in real-time

Say goodbye to dashboard switching & cross-comparing. Merge data from Prebid, GAM, and other sources to get a full, vivid picture of your ad activity in just a few clicks.

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Great for the whole team

Browsi is loved by revenue, ad ops, product, and editorial teams. We align with any UX requirement, and automatically maintain the Condition for Better Ads guidelines.

Plug & slay your KPIs

Browsi integrates with your existing ad server, and is super-easy to set up & use. We also offer a 14-day free trial & a dedicated customer success manager to ensure everyone on your team is on-board with the new technology.

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Inventory Suite

Personalize your inventory for higher viewability, low IVT and great CPMs

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Yield Suite

Reduce manual labor and increare revenue by using AI for your ad inventory

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We’ve got answers

Browsi collects data from several sources; primarily from our tech on the page, and integration to Google Ad Manager. Specifically, our SaaS platform has the ability to collect and display data around:

  1. Programmatic vs. Direct performance
  2. User experience and engagement
  3. Robust viewability measurement, forecasting and prediction

Our data is highly granular and able to show insights down to the article and URL level, as well as other custom parameters set by the publisher.


Browsi is agnostic to demand type, and the creative served in its placements; Browsi Partners can serve all demand sources from all ad servers and SSPs. The solution helps increase programmatic CPMs and coverage rapidly, and also reduces wasted impressions to direct campaigns. It is also possible to start with one approach and rapidly adjust as needed per your focus.


Our AI requires actual human engagement to function; as a result, Browsi drives down IVT from the industry standard of 2.4% to ~0.2% for our partners.


Viewability impacts more than direct sales. Based on studies from Google’s Ad Exchange, 10% increases in tiers of viewability lead to an increase of 20-30% in bids. Browsi’s AI-based solution has helped programmatic-focused customers increase CPMs between 27-55% by improving and selling into viewability. Ask us about case studies for more details.

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