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Apply machine learning to take the right yield actions per-user, per-page, increase viewability & scale, and dramatically cut the tedious, manual optimization.

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More money per user

Eliminate impression loss & manual placement optimization. See notable positive trends across all metrics within days of implementation.

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Predict future viewability per user, per page

We utilize over 100 data points to predict which user will see which impression, avoid ad waste, and hit your campaign goals consistently.

Goodbye, gruntwork

Well, they’re still ads. But Browsi ensures that the ad UX the product & editorial teams had in mind is indeed what your visitors will eventually get. Publishers can define & enforce and UX requirements without upending revenue efforts, and while automatically maintaining The Coalition for Better Ads restrictions.

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Change nothing.
Gain everything.

See a dramatic increase across all metrics without switching systems or providers. Browsi sits on top of your current ad server, is super-simple to integrate & implement, and comes with a single, powerful dashboard that allows you to easily manage your site-wide optimization efforts from one place.

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Higher viewability

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Up to 33%

More scale

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Increase in CPMs

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Great for the whole team

Browsi is loved by revenue, ad ops, product, and editorial teams. We align with any UX requirement, and automatically maintain the Condition for Better Ads guidelines.

Plug & slay your KPIs

Browsi integrates with your existing ad server, and is super-easy to set up & use. We also offer a 14-day free trial & a dedicated customer success manager to ensure everyone on your team is on-board with the new technology.

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Inventory Suite

Personalize your inventory for higher viewability, low IVT and great CPMs

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Intelligence Suite

Real-time, actionable insights across your ads, users and content – All in one place

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We’ve got answers


If a site’s average viewability (without sticky ads) is above 70%, then the question becomes: “How can we create more premium impressions while keeping viewability intact?” Browsi’s Inventory Cloud is here to help with its creation & optimization module that benchmarks engagement metrics and keeps viewability intact while seeking new scale that keeps UX consistent or increased. Further, as each placement below 70% viewability loses ad calls that demand higher than 70% viewability, as it’s sold per its average.


In addition to the Prebid managed service that we offer beyond our AI, we also support any other Prebid or Header Bidding integration. Our technology can be integrated seamlessly to any Header Bidding provider, and to any ad server out there while continuing to support all of our features.

Browsi is SaaS platform; as a result, we are agnostic to the ad stack (or demand) that is connected to it.

Browsi is here to create the perfect ad inventory – high viewability, low IVT, and meeting a range of other KPI – without losing the number of impressions you have, and while satisfying advertisers requirements and UX standards.

To make this happen, Browsi connects to your Ad Server (we support all of them), Header Bidding stack and any other demand source as determined on a technical call.

Through a clear path for your free 14-day pilot.

Piloting with Browsi includes a clear A/B test between your existing setup and the traffic that interacts with the experience Browsi is running. With goals and KPIs established in staging, and monitored throughout the pilot, reports and data alignment will verify precisely the impact that the solution was able to achieve for your digital property.

How Hearst Newspapers increased its mobile CPMs by 213% with AI


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