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We started with a radical idea - put the user experience at the heart of the ad strategy. This is how we do it:

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What our partners think

  • Chris Murray

    Executive Director of Digital Media

    Before introducing new inventory, we had to be certain our readers’ experience was prioritized – meaning strict rules around ad positioning. Fortunately Browsi was not only able to meet our requirements, but provide the data to back it up.

  • Satoshi Ohmachi

    Satoshi Ohmachi

    Managing Director

    Kobe Shimbun

    Using Browsi, we’re striking a perfect balance between content and ads  – and seeing an increase in revenue while at it! It’s rare to have both revenue and editorial teams rooting for the same solution.

  • Benjamin Ilfeld

    Head of Product

    Your tech is mind-blowing, it is exactly what we’re looking for. You are able to deliver a fully-personalized, premium ad inventory to every visitor, without even a scratch on the UX side.

  • Rodrigo Jara

    Project Manager

    We had a great challenge ahead of us and thanks to Browsi’s solution we were able to offer – in just a few days – an inventory with excellent viewability, also increasing the number of impressions in a very intelligent way, without detriment of our user experience.

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