Perfect ad inventory
is was impossible

Browsi’s SaaS platform boosts publisher revenue by automatically creating the premium ad inventory that advertisers seek.

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21-33% More Revenue, Overnight.
Consistently achieve higher viewability, more impressions, happier advertisers, and a dramatic positive impact on your RPM & bottom line – automatically.

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Manual What?
Browsi uses powerful AI and 100+ data points to perfectly optimize the ad inventory you’re selling into in real-time, so you no longer have to.

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Your vision, our execution
You set the rules and define your ideal ad experience.
Our AI will make sure it’s delivered to every user, at scale, in real-time.

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Multiple Publishers? No problem.
Optimizing ad layouts for multiple partners is virtually a “Mission Impossible”. We’re Ethan Hunt.

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Inventory Suite

AI-powered ad placements for more revenue & better UX

  • Real-time personalized ad layouts
  • Increased Viewability Rate…
  • …without sacrificing impressions
  • Decrease Latency and IVT rate

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Yield Suite

AI-powered yield optimization at scale, in real time

  • Sell efficiently into viewability
  • Test demand partners in seconds
  • Reduce ad impression waste to 0
  • Avoid manual labor – focus on what’s important

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Intelligence Suite

Revenue and inventory data
in one powerful reporting tool

  • One reporting tool for all
  • Understand UX and ad inventory
  • Easily run any A/B test
  • Gain insights in hours, not days.

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Higher viewability

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Up to 33%

More impressions

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Increase in CPMs

How an AI-powered ad inventory increased Hearst Newspapers’ mobile CPMs by 30%-50%



20,000 Employees

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