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  • Amy Hanna

    Senior Solutions Architect - US

    "Browsi’'s culture is like nothing I've ever experienced - it's all about innovation, collaboration, zero BS, and pushing self and industry boundaries. We're truly here to learn, grow, and make a real difference together."

  • Junki Osanai

    Senior Partner Success Manager

    "Joining Browsi was a life-changer for me. The sense of ownership and trust here is remarkable. We're a self-critical team that values personal and professional growth, and we're always striving to be better."

  • Chen Pesses

    Marketing Designer

    "At Browsi, every day is a chance to learn, explore, and be part of something exciting. Our culture encourages curiosity, creativity, and embracing challenges (and failures) as opportunities."

  • Amit Yehudai

    Backend Team Lead

    “At Browsi, it's not just about climbing the ladder; it's about growing into new opportunities. I started as a junior team member, and with the support and encouragement here, I've soared to the role of team lead. Browsi truly invests in its people, helping us be the best versions of ourselves!"

  • Arthur Matsevich

    Solutions Engineer

    “Five years deep into the Browsi journey, and I'm still hooked! Being part of a team that's always one step ahead of the industry is truly fascinating! Here's to many more years of excitement, innovation, and maybe a few surprises along the way!"

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