Adapex's transformation with Browsi: balancing elevated revenue and UX

Adapex, a monetization leader with a diverse portfolio, aimed to boost its RPM by 10% and maintain a minimum 60% viewability threshold.

Partnering with Browsi, they not only achieved a 34% RPM uplift, a 2% increase in viewability, and a 34% jump in CTR, but also successfully kept UX KPIs stable.


The opportunity

Adapex is a monetization powerhouse with a footprint in the USA, Canada and Europe.

Boasting over 370 million page views across over 1,000 publishers, their portfolio is a kaleidoscope of content – from games and search sites to news, sports, real estate, and more.

One of their prominent news sites was selected for a pilot collaboration with Browsi.



The challenge

Adapex’s goal was twofold: achieve a 10% RPM uplift and maintain a viewability threshold of at least 60% (or 5-10% lower than their current viewability, if it was over 60%). 

This needed to be accomplished while keeping critical UX KPIs, such as engaged users, scroll depth, scroll velocity, and time on page, stable.


Incredible results

Browsi’s implementation on Adapex’ news site led to:

+ 34% RPM
+ 53% ads per page
+ 2% viewability
+ 34% CTR

On top of all of the above, ALL UX KPIs were maintained stable, clearly showcasing Browsi’s ability to exceed the set KPIs while safeguarding the user experience.



“In the complex landscape of digital advertising, achieving a balance between revenue optimization and user experience is paramount. Browsi’s innovative approach not only helped us surpass our RPM and viewability goals but also ensured that the user experience remained uncompromised. This balance is crucial for our success, and Browsi delivered on every count. Their solution has become a vital component in our monetization strategy.”

Andrew Moskowitz


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