Elevating TheSoul with Browsi: a story of remarkable uplifts and maintained UX

Aiming high with a 20% target for RPM uplift and a firm stance on maintaining over 55% viewability without compromising UX, TheSoul teamed up with Browsi.

The duo not only smashed the RPM target with a 34% uplift, but they also achieved a remarkable 293% ROI, keeping the user experience soulfully enriched and viewability firmly grounded.


The opportunity

A powerhouse in content arbitrage, TheSoul operates from Cyprus and the US, reaching diverse audiences across Mexico, Spain, Poland, and more.

With 120M page views across 21 domains, they chose genial.guru to spearhead the collaboration with Browsi, targeting a rich blend of industries.



The challenge

TheSoul set forth with clear objectives: a 20% RPM uplift, maintaining over 55% in viewability, all while nurturing a positive user experience.

The path was clear but demanding, necessitating a partner who could align with their exacting standards.


Incredible results

Soulful Surges in Performance
TheSoul’s collaboration with Browsi unfolded impressive outcomes on genial.guru.

A phenomenal demonstration of exceeding set KPIs while fostering a positive user experience.

+34% RPM
+$0.59 RPM
+293% ROI
+1.38 ads per page
57% avg. viewability

+Enhanced time on page, scroll depth, and engaged PVs, showcasing a nurtured user experience.
+Clear insights and data transparency through Browsi’s console.



“The journey with Browsi has been nothing short of transformative. We not only surpassed our RPM uplift target but also fostered a richer user experience, maintaining a high level of viewability. Browsi’s transparent approach has made them an invaluable partner in our growth journey.”

Satya Narina
Senior Ad Operations Manager
The Soul Publishing


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