How Futbol Sites increases its ad inventory RPM by 43% with Browsi’s AI

Federico Grinberg

“Browsi is an impressive and innovative company, with smart and solid technology and with great talent in terms of account management and customer service. These people are always looking at how to improve performance using Browsi’s AI, which makes our pages generate incremental revenue.”

  • Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina & Miami, Florida, USA
  • Company Size: 110 employees
  • Website:
  • Industry: Digital Sports Media
  • Founded: 2008

Futbol Sites (FSN) is a top digital sports media group in Latin America and US

Hispanics, which owns and operates +10 sports websites. FSN also helps global brands and Football Federations to manage their digital and social media assets designing and executing powerful fan-oriented strategies.

With offices and local newsrooms in Argentina, Brasil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico and the US, Futbol Sites bridge the gap between brands and fans, using data, technology and a deep knowledge of the sports industry.

FSN attracts more than 60 million unique monthly visitors to its web properties and more than 300 million unique monthly visitors to its social media channels.

FSN tried multiple strategies to increase its ad revenue through traditional optimization for their programmatic and direct campaigns. Specifically, the company wanted to build scale and grow its viewability and CPMs

FSN took a manual approach for the optimization of their ad inventory, involving multiple teams (including product, Ad Ops, management and digital ads), every quarter. FSN was designing its mobile ad layout using fixed locations and optimizing the layout for viewability and scale by utilizing A/B testing.

This was an ineffective process that didn’t achieve the expected results. Furthermore, by the time they had put months of work into it, they had to start over again and find themselves falling behind the real-time activities of advertisers.

FSN decided to revamp its process through Browsi’s AI-powered ad inventory platform. Unlike the old process FSN used for its ad inventory, Browsi takes a real-time approach to ad inventory optimization.

What this means is that FSN can now leverage both historical data and multiple real-time data points to offer personalized ad placement, which automatically adapts to user behavior, page structure, devices and internet connection. This produces the highest combination of viewability, scale and UX.

FSN is now also able to take advantage of Browsi’s viewability prediction at the ad-call level to deliver direct campaigns with no ad waste and also increase programmatic CPMs. By using a smart in-view ad refreshing mechanism, FSN generated additional highly viewable impressions without making any change to site UX.

Finally, with Browsi’s platform, FSN has simplified its prebid integration and managed the demand sources.

As a result of implementing Browsi’s platform, FSN has achieved:

  • A 43% increase in RPM
  • A 33% increase in viewability
  • A 28% increase in scale