How generated 27%  more viewable impressions for the holiday season with Browsi

Sherzod Rizaev,
VP Commercial Operations

“It simply worked. Creating additive, viewable supply without over-encumbering the user is always a delicate balance, especially during times of the year where demand outstrips supply. Browsi delivered and as a result of the tech and its quick implementation, we were able to achieve our overall goals of the campaign and commercial KPIs.” has been the flagship site for Minute Media’s O&O family of sites, attracting many premium ad campaigns. This trend continued strongly during the busy holiday season, requiring the team to rapidly create additional, high-quality ad inventory in order to extend its brand relationships and to capitalize on increasing advertiser budgets.

However, scaling up ad supply required defining a granular page-level strategy for increasing premium and viewable impression volume. One potential strategy was to manually examine each piece of daily content and to rapidly decide whether an extra ad placement could be added to the page. The process would continue with benchmarking each optimization test for uncompromised user experience – a guarantee that 90min’s brand would not suffer at the hands of upset users.

And that wasn’t all. Each individual test would have required attention from development, product, and ad ops teams, and ongoing optimization of each and every article within 24-48 hours of publishing. In the end, this strategy was scrapped for obvious reasons – but a solution was still needed.

Browsi to the rescue! Enter Inventory Suite, an ad placement management platform that works in tandem with any existing ad layout to detect user-approved additional inventory on the fly. Designed to dynamically and automatically perform scaled, real-time ad layout creation and optimization at the article level, Inventory Xtension is integrated on the page level within hours and can be up and running by end of the day – creating extra inventory.

The ad operations team plugged 90min’s Q4 demand into Browsi’s engine and generated easily trackable results that were immediate. By the end of day, Browsi had unearthed 30% more premium impressions to deliver in what was amounting to be a very busy quarter. Within two days, Browsi was deployed on millions of page views with a positive impact on viewability, increasing each campaign’s viewability by an average of 11%.