How Browsi increased Salt Lake Tribune viewable ad scale by 62%

Amy Horne,
Programmatic Manager

“We’ve been working with Browsi for over two years now and we couldn’t be happier with the results. Browsi’s tech has made it easy for us to significantly increase available ad inventory on our mobile site and maintain rock solid viewablity for our advertisers since Day 1!”

The Salt Lake Tribune was looking to maximise ad yield on every mobile web article page and maintain high viewability for industry-leading advertisers, without negatively affecting user engagement or creating unnecessary ad clutter. The solution would also need to accommodate regular editorial changes to page layout and content in real time.

To expedite testing, Salt Lake Tribune chose to implement Browsi via their DFP ad server and were up and running sitewide within an hour.

Once implemented, Browsi’s Inventory Extension (IX) solution began scanning all pages to determine which articles had potential to successfully add more viewable inventory. Once potential ad locations were identified on page, Browsi quickly began testing these ad placements for performance in real time. By combining both physical page data (text structure, article length, ad/image density etc.) together with real time user engagement feedback (scroll distance, time on page, bounce rate, traffic source), Browsi was able to effectively create additional supply inventory that resonated well with users, and deliver on high viewability requirements from direct and programmatic advertisers.

After running for over two years, Browsi has found additional monetization opportunities on 66% of all Salt Lake Tribune’s mobile web traffic, driving a 15% increase in overall impressions and 13% lift in RPM – all while maintaining an average life time viewability of 62% and keeping user engagement high.