How Terra discovered 23% additional viewable impressions with AI


“On the revenue side, Browsi is very good because we are making money in a way that we were not making money before. That simple. It’s 100% incremental and we do not have to sacrifice any other space. Browsi delivers the experience to the user in a friendly way and the performance of our portal remains strong.”

With traffic continually shifting to mobile web, Terra’s product and revenue teams knew their ad layout needed to balance impression scale, viewability and user experience. Although Terra’s mobile site and ad layout endure regular reviews and updates, many article-level monetization and optimization opportunities were left behind due to the time, cost and resources needed to perform them.

It’s not that Terra’s team didn’t try – with optimization for viewability becoming a focal point, the team allocated several internal resources for the initiative which ultimately strained day-to-day operations. The challenge then was to find the most efficient technology to achieve page-level optimization while freeing up resources for other needs.

It was in this mindset that Terra came to know Browsi – and just in time. The team was on the cusp of building an ad placement injection logic to maximize scale, and that would have led them down a costly, resource-heavy path without the ability to efficiently manage user experience or ad density.

Browsi Inventory Xtension was designed to help publishers tackle this very challenge – automatically discovering and monetizing additional ad supply in a fast, efficient, and user-friendly way.

After a quick and easy implementation process, the value Browsi brought to the table became instantly clear to Terra. It rapidly created additional ad space in geos where Terra was previously sold out, delivering direct-sold and programmatic campaigns. Additionally, Terra has been using Browsi’s demand as backfill to generate a new, external revenue stream.

With a quick integration, Terra was able to see results within hours without shifting resources from daily responsibilities or compromising user experience. Impression base increased by 23% with RPM lift up 26% – enabling more efficient delivery of US campaigns.