How TMZ delivered a premium ad inventory while improving their UX

TMZ leveraged AI to create personalized ad experiences and as a result saw an uplift in all of their KPIs, from an increase in revenue (+94% viewability, +43% eCPM) to a boost in UX (+2% user engagement, +3% time on page, +10% scroll depth).


The opportunity

TMZ, an acronym for thirty-mile zone, was founded in late 2005 and quickly became the go-to place for celebrity news, multimedia archive and gossip.

It is among the top three most popular celebrity publications in the US, serving more than 58 million unique monthly visitors.



The challenge

Just as many other publications out there, TMZ wanted to optimize their ad inventory as much as possible – but not at the expense of the user experience, to the point of refusing to include inline ads in their content, at all. 

That was one compromise TMZ simply did not want to make, and thus refused to even consider various vendors and methods that are considered industry-standard nowadays.

It did, however, agree to deploy Browsi’s solution. So, what made TMZ change its mind?

The best kind of advertising – word of mouth. Recommended by a sister site (and global powerhouse), TMZ gave Browsi a shot, and the rest is history.


Incredible results

Browsi delivered on its promise of creating a premium ad inventory without hurting the UX and (wait for it) actually improving it!

It built an AI-powered, personalized ad layout that is based on hundreds of anonymized data points, creating and optimizing inline placements where there were none before.

The results are nothing shy of magical…

  • +94% ad viewability
  • +43% eCPM

…while user experience also improved

  • +2% user engagement
  • +3% median time on page
  • +10% median scroll depth



“Before introducing new inventory, we had to be certain our readers’ experience was prioritized – meaning strict rules around ad positioning. Fortunately Browsi was not only able to meet our requirements, but provide the data to back it up.

After careful planning and thorough testing, we have confidence in the integration and can leverage the revenue growth to continue bringing breaking news to our audience as only TMZ can.” 

Chris Murray
Executive Director of Digital Media


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