Reader’s Digest Canada enhances mobile web ad supply by 30% with Browsi

Karin Rossi,
Publisher, Reader's Digest Brands

“We explored our options and came to the very clear conclusion that Browsi provides a turnkey solution for an otherwise cumbersome and error-prone endeavor – optimizing at the page level. Rather than shifting existing resources away from critical daily responsibilities, we went with Browsi and have never looked back.”


An automated solution was required to dynamically enhance the ad inventory for a maximization of each and every article yield. It would require the ability to factor in – on the page level – usability requirements, page elements, existing ad experience and monetization.  Further it would need to consider real time behavior data, and to detect and add extra ads on pages where permitted by users.

Browsi was introduced to the RD team and was recognized as an immediate solution to additional revenue needs while accommodating user data and advertiser requirements. The RD team implemented Browsi’s IX tag in one day via Google Tag Manager (one of several implementation options at Browsi) without any need for dev at the onset or moving forward. Following implementation, the team started off in Learning Mode – a buffer between implementing and pushing ads live that provided initial insights on behavior and ad opportunities, and enabled a full sync from the get go. In addition to  optimizing monetization on articles, Browsi created and applied a feature to support Ajax-based gallery/pages which was able to work with infinite scroll pages and fixed, swipeable image galleries.

RD automatically increased impressions by 30% (which resulted in over 25% lift in mobile web RPM), all without technical issues, latency or UX complaints.