Revolutionizing video ad performance for a large US publisher

Once upon a digital age, Browsi waved its magic wand for a top US publisher, transforming video ad pumpkins into carriages of gold.

The spell? A 568% CPM increase and a viewability rate consistently above 70%.


The opportunity

A large US publisher, with approximately 30 million pageviews per month and a strong presence in the American market, sought to elevate their advertising game. 

They decided to venture into enhancing their video ad performance without compromising user experience or implementation efficiency.


The challenge

Already a satisfied display ad client, the publisher was hesitant to adopt Browsi’s video solution due to a commitment to another provider, which fell short in performance due to limitations in incorporating their own demand. 

This presented a unique opportunity for Browsi to step into the light and showcase the flexibility and superiority of the video ad solutions.

The following KPIs were set:

1. Achieve Higher CPMs: the publisher’s average CPM was around $1.80 at the beginning of the trial period and aimed to reach a $5 CPM.

2. Increase Viewability: the publisher was committed to quality ad placements that would capture audience attention and hopefully reach a consistent 70% of viewabilty.

3. Ease of Implementation: the publisher sought a solution that was straightforward to implement, allowing for seamless integration of their own ad demand into the new system.


CPM Impact

+568% CPM

Achieving the impossible, Browsi didn’t just meet the publisher’s initial KPI of $5 CPM but soared past it, peaking at $17 CPM during high-traffic seasons. 

By November, the sustained performance boasted an average CPM of $12.03, more than double the target, marking a 568% increase from the $1.80 starting point.


Viewability Impact

>70% Viewability

The key to Browsi’s success was not just the technology but the ease of integration. 

The publisher could seamlessly add their own demand (partners such as TripleLift, GumGum, Google, AppNexus, and Amazon) through Browsi’s video console, overcoming initial challenges with the help of Browsi’s dedicated support team. 

This strategic partnership led to consistent ad viewability over 70%, a testament to Browsi’s tailored approach and technological prowess.


Performance Insights

The strategic timing of the publisher’s demand addition, capitalized on traffic increases, further enhancing ad performance. Comparisons to previous solutions, showcased Browsi’s superior capability in maximizing the publisher’s ad revenue and efficiency.

And there’s more!

Browsi’s flexibility in ad formats played a crucial role. The adoption of both instream in-content and floater player types allowed for a dynamic ad presentation, catering to varying user behaviors and preferences. Content was dynamically updated through Browsi’s content management feature, utilizing MRSS feeds, which kept the ad content fresh and engaging, contributing to the overall uplift in performance metrics.


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