The Stampen Media story: uplifting user experience & revenue together

Stampen Media, one of Sweden’s largest newspaper owners, chose Browsi to improve UX and revenue and create personalized ad experiences for its site

The result?
A significant RPM uplift of $0.77 and a viewability rate that surpassed 60%.


The opportunity

Stampen Media stands as a major pillar in the Swedish media landscape, owning some of the country’s most influential newspapers., one of their esteemed publications, emphasizes regional digital news spanning sports, economy, and culture. 

Serving an audience mainly from Sweden, their sites collectively attract over 90 million page views monthly.



The challenge

For Stampen Media, the aim was dual-fold: 

  • Implementing user-centric improvements while simultaneously enhancing viewability and revenue
  • Reducing the manual labor tied to ad stack optimization 

The ambitious KPIs? 

A 10% RPM uplift, stellar user experience, and consistently achieving viewability rates above 55%.


Incredible results

By integrating Browsi, Stampen Media achieved remarkable results, without any manual effort on their part. 

Post the Browsi collaboration, reaped:

  • An RPM uplift of $0.77
  • An astounding ROI of 293%
  • CPMs that surged by 9%
  • Viewability rates that outpaced the 60% benchmark
  • A user engagement growth of 7%
  • A consistently high-tier user experience



“We are very happy with the service Browsi has provided us! We’ve observed a positive effect on both revenue and UX metrics, while also benefiting from a more flexible solution for ads.

One key factor for choosing Browsi was the simple integration through our header bidding wrapper, Livewrapped. The integration didn’t require any effort from our own developers.

We are also very satisfied with the swift responses we have gotten from the Browsi team every step of the way and we can highly recommend working with them

Hakan Hamrin
Head of Programmatic
Stampen Media


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