How ynet delivers 75% viewability without losing impressions


“There is little if any time to react manually to the way users interact with unique Mobile Web and app pages. The speed of media and content creation at Ynet requires a real-time solution to meet industry demands around viewability, and with constant changes among those demands, we needed a scalable, flexible solution for the long run. Browsi delivers on these needs.”

With a highly engaged, dedicated and returning user base that is sensitive to any variations in the monetization experience, ynet realized that a dynamic ad layout strategy was necessary in order to meet their viewability, scale and UX targets.

The objective was to adapt and match the ad inventory to specific users and audience groups alike, while ensuring revenue is maximized per page without compromising user experience or risking viewability.

This challenge was the basis for cooperation between Browsi and ynet, both on the mobile web version of the site and mobile app. The plan of action was to begin by creating a maximum of one placement per page and then scale up from there.

Browsi’s Inventory Server (IS) was integrated on the page level within hours and was up and running on the mobile website and app by the end of that day. As ynet’s  mobile app article pages are webview based (browser), integrating IS was simply a matter of adding a new ad unit to the page.

By utilizing IS, ynet was able to scale their inventory not only on their mobile web pages, but also on their mobile app pages. Concerns over a decrease in engagement due to user backlash with the new monetization experience have proven to be unfounded with Browsi’s real-time engagement tracking. Browsi’s Inventory Server created and optimized all inline ad locations on each and every article, delivering a steady average viewability rate of 75% across all 3 placements, while boosting ynet’s total mobile ad inventory by well over 70%.

Encouraged by these results, ynet is now using IS to automatically deploy unique ad supply strategies per  traffic source (Direct, Search and Social) yielding excellent results. Building on this success, the ad sales team at Ynet now understands the true value of Browsi-driven mobile supply, and are currently exploring ways to leverage these new capabilities with direct advertisers.