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AI now enables real-time decisions around all ad inventory KPIs. However, publishers are yet to fully leverage this power due to traditional, old-fashioned, and manual habits around creating and optimizing inventory. It’s only a matter of time until publishers realize the full potential of unleashing AI behind their creation and optimization of ad inventory. Browsi is here to lead this change, with many of the world’s top publishers already on board.

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Our Customers

Working in the adtech landscape, we witnessed publishers hitting glass ceilings, unable to make the most of their ad inventory. We realized we had an opportunity to revolutionize the industry by introducing AI to the process, and that’s exactly what we set out to do. 

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Our Investors

How it all started


Viewable impression standard was created – publishers are now accountable for it


Browsi releases its first MVP – creating personalized ad inventory using AI for mobile web publishers


Browsi starts as an internal monetization project – we’re going to solve Mobile Web Viewability rate!


Browsi releases its first stable version; predicting user behavior and ad inventory engagement to create the perfect ad experience


Browsi solves ad viewability for top publishers in the US and EU. expanding to desktop and mobile news apps


Browsi sets a new goal – solving manual yield optimization and improving page latency for top publishers


Browsi continues to onboard more clients as we expand to Japan and other global markets

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We are looking for both business wizards and Tech prodigies who are passionate and looking to work with like-minded individuals.

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