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Browsi’s AI personalizes each ad location for the single user, on every single page on your site. Set up in minutes. See results in days. Manage with ease through one powerful dashboard.

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Using AI to boost ad revenue for the world’s top publishers

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Viewability, volume, UX: in.
Low revenue & IVT: buh-bye.

Your ad inventory today is more than ATF and BTF. Things like page loading speed, device type, screen size, content consumption profile, and a variety of other conditions can determine whether or not your advertisers and visitors get the ad experience you intended them to.

We utilize 100+ data points to decide where, when, if, and how each ad should be displayed to every single user, on every single page, at scale, in real-time.

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Delight advertisers.
Cement partnerships.

Your direct advertisers or programmatic bidders will evaluate your ad inventory on its quality. Eliminate impression loss & manual placement optimization. See notable positive trends across all metrics within days of implementation.

Win users’ hearts without losing revenue

Well, they’re still ads – but it doesn’t mean they have to be annoying.
Browsi’s combination of AI and console ensures that the ad experience the product & editorial teams had in mind is what visitors eventually get, without upending revenue efforts or violating The Coalition for Better Ads requirements.

See how Ynet deliver 75% viewability with great UX

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You manage with ease.
We deliver with ease.

Use our console to perfectly combine your product/editorial UX vision with the power of personalization.
Easily define ad layout rules, create A/B tests, make real-time changes, and stay in full control of your ad experience while dramatically increasing ad revenue.

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Why Browsi

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Higher viewability

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Up to 33%

More impressions

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Increase in CPMs

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Plug & slay your KPIs

We made it easy to say yes. Browsi integrates with your existing ad server, and is super-easy to set up & use. We also offer a 14-day free trial & a dedicated customer success manager to ensure everyone on your team is on-board with the new technology.

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Yield Suite

Reduce manual labor and increare revenue by using AI for your ad inventory

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Intelligence Suite

Real-time, actionable insights across your ads, users and content – All in one place

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We’ve got answers


Browsi will optimize all of your placements but these are still your placements. You will have access to our Publisher Console, and you will be able to control the optimisation, add new placements, remove and change their settings all in one place with no extra code integration needed.

Browsi is SaaS platform and agnostic to the ad stack (or demand) that is connected to it.

Browsi is here to create the perfect ad inventory – high viewability, low IVT, and meeting a range of other KPI – without losing the number of impressions you have while satisfying advertisers requirements and UX standards.

To make this happen, Browsi connects to your Ad Server (we support all of them), Header Bidding stack and any other demand source as determined on a technical call.

See for yourself.

Achieving high viewability, low IVT without losing impressions, and all related KPI requires personalizing ad inventory per page and per user (all in real time). In a free 28-day Browsi test, you will be able to see that different users get different placements, and we will be able to show you specifically how distributed our placements are on the page.


Viewability is not only a challenge in direct sales. Based on studies from Google’s Ad Exchange, 10% increases in tiers of viewability leads to an increase of 20-30% in bids. Browsi’s AI-based solution has helped programmatic-focused customers increase CPMs between 27-55% by improving and selling into viewability.

Browsi has a two-step integration process; altogether the integration process takes from a couple hours to a couple days worth of effort depending on your company’s internal procedures.

  1. First, Browsi provides a custom tag for each domain (or a group of domains depending on setup) which is added to the head of the page. The tag is a single line of Vanilla JS code which brings in our engine to the page that allows us to gather the user behavior and other data we need (all GDPR / CCPA compliant), and to create personalized ad placements for your demand.
  2. Second, wrap your ad units with Browsi’s API. This allows us to create and optimize your ad inventory. 

Note: We do provide other, custom methods of integrations – all determined in dialogue on a technical call.

How 90min.com generated 27%  more viewable impressions for the holiday season with Browsi


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