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Maximize Your UX & Revenue Data With Personalized Reports

By Browsi | October 18, 2022

The Browsi query tool provides a personalized reporting system that enables full adjustment to your unique needs.

Filter, customize and automate scheduled reports based on unique metrics combinations and uncover insights to maximize your ad stack.

Optimize Your Viewability

Break down your viewability rate per ad layout or even per ad unit to uncover exactly which ad layout or ad unit is dragging your average down.

Analyze Your Demand Funnel

Deep dive into your revenue data from all types of providers to find out which one is performing better and leverage these insights to improve your ad revenue.

Investigate Your Page & Engagement

See how your users engage with different ad layouts and identify where most of your pageviews are coming from (device types, traffic sources and more).


Ready to uncover insights and step up your ad layout strategy?
Let’s schedule a 15-min call to walk you through our robust reporting system and evaluate how unleashing AI behind your digital real estate can help you grow your revenue and improve your UX.

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