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Optimizing Viewability Per Page – Manual vs. Real-Time Process [Infographic]

By Asaf Shamly | January 27, 2021

Meeting viewability targets has long been one of the biggest challenges facing publishers, and with good reason: Advertisers don’t want to waste their online marketing budget on impressions that aren’t actually being seen by users.

Low viewability could be due to several different reasons, including users who have installed ad blockers and pages that have been opened by a bot. But it could also be due to issues that publishers have more control over, such as ad layout.

Even though ad inventory is the publisher’s second-most important asset, after content creation, it is still managed and optimized inefficiently: it’s a manual process involving multiple teams (UX, Product, R&D and Ad Ops), repeated every few months, at the macro level.

Publishers can’t optimize their ad inventory for viewability per any given page due to lack of ROI. The costs and time needed to scale up to meet viewability targets can be daunting (and often impossible to meet).


Check our infographic below detailing the cost and the process of optimizing viewability per page and why you need to adopt a real-time, automated process using AI-powered ad inventory.

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