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Segment and price your ad inventory in real-time with VIEWABILITY PREDICTION

By Browsi | August 19, 2021

No more guessing blindly, no more one-size-fits-all pricing and no more wasted opportunities!

Browsi’s Viewability Prediction solution enables you to leverage real-time viewability predictions to easily segment your inventory into quality tiers and offer buyers the right segment at the optimal price in real time.

✓ Reduce ad waste

✓ Optimize your ad inventory

✓ Hit campaign goals faster

Direct Sales

Identify viewability tiers to create more granular pricing for your Direct orders and then smartly manage your ad inventory to reach your campaign goals faster.

Private Auctions

Give your PMP/PA clients unique offers and build long-term relationships with them to stand out from other publishers.

Open Auctions

Find the optimal floor price per tier for Programmatic auctions instead of having a unified floor price regardless of the viewability tier.


Want to gain control of which demand goes into which viewability tier?
Browsi’s Viewability Prediction will enable you to match high viewability-focused campaigns with real-time high viewable placements and vice versa for low viewability tiers, keeping your impression waste to a minimum.

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