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Tailor your users’ ad experience with CONDITIONAL LAYOUTS

By Browsi | September 18, 2022

Your users are not the same, so why should their ad experience be the same?

Customize your website’s ad layouts, based on ANY conditional scenario, by using real time page parameters and user data.

Cater the ad layouts to different user types
Create different ad layouts based on your users loyalty or lifespan. Subscribers vs. non subscribers, new users vs. returning users will now get a different ad experience.


Adapt the ad experience to the page content
Implement unique ad units to fit with specific content (articles, sections, lengths or labels). For example, configure sport ad units in sport-related articles.


Set different ad layouts for different page formats
Match the perfect ad types and sizes to different page formats, such as magazine pages, pagination galleries or forum-based pages.


Let’s schedule a 15-min call to walk you through our Conditional Layout feature to customize your users’ ad experience.



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