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Your Brand New Viewability Dashboard!

By Browsi | October 18, 2022

Understand your inventory breakdown with the new Viewability Dashboard.

You can now easily use the Viewability Prediction Dashboard to identify your quality tiers per specific metrics and allocate and price your inventory accordingly.

Analyze your performance per viewability tier

See how your fill rate, eCPM and CTR correlate with your different viewability tiers. Identify your inventory’s granular value to set a more accurate pricing.

Review your line item type viewability prediction share

Deep dive into your revenue data from all types of providers to find out which one is performing better and leverage these insights to improve your ad revenue.

Follow your viewability prediction share over time

Monitor the shift in your inventory between the viewability tiers over time and trace back the impact of Browsi’s engine and viewability optimization on your viewability.


Looking for insights on how to identify quality tiers and price your inventory accordingly?

Let’s schedule a 15-min call to walk you through our Viewability Prediction Dashboard and how to keep your inventory waste to a minimum!

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