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Your Layouts Comparison Dashboard!

By Browsi | August 18, 2022

Create 2 groups of ANY of your layouts and compare their performance.

Does your sports section layout outperforms your home page layout in terms of Viewability, RPM or CTR? Compare, monitor and optimize accordingly!

Publishers can now customize their ad serving strategy by comparing between layouts and see the results in our new layouts comparison dashboard, then decide which ad layout is best for higher RPM, viewability, CTR and more!

Compare layouts groups from different site sections

Find out which layouts group produces higher RPM while keeping viewability and CTR at your desired level and optimize accordingly.

Discover which ad sizes increase your performance

See which one of your ad sizes variation yields more ads per page and higher viewability.

Reveal how new ad types affect your KPIs

Test how layout groups with additional ad types, from inline to adhesive, bottom and top ads can affect your revenue, viewability, fill rate and IVT.


Did we manage to grab your attention? Let’s schedule a 15-min call and evaluate how comparing between different layout groups can help you grow your revenue and improve your UX. Because that’s exactly what we do.


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