Them: you can’t optimize yield AND cut manual work.
Us: hold our beer

Browsi does what was deemed to be impossible:
dramatically increasing viewable impressions, scale, and CPMs,
while almost eliminating tedious manual micro-optimizations.
Let us show you how we do it.

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Browsi fundamentally increases viewability & scale, allowing you to both outperform your direct advertiser campaign goals and make the most out of the programmatic demand for your inventory.

Set up the ad rules once, and let Browsi drive up your yield with little to no human intervention. Perfectly allocate every impression according to your ad inventory, tailor the ad experience to each specific visitor based on 100+ data points, and make sure every single ad is displayed at the right location, at the right time, to the right user.

Think of Browsi as an intelligent middleman. We get the ad call from the server, and adapt it to the user’s loading time, device type, traffic source, scrolling speed, and various other variables. This allows us to display the right type of ad, at the right locations throughout the page, all while sitting on top of your existing ad technology and requiring very little effort to implement.

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Why using browsi

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Higher viewability

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Up to 33%

More scale

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Increase in CPMs

Ad ops teams usually want to know…

Yes! Browi seamlessly integrates with your Prebid instance or any other header bidding providers, if you already have one. If you don’t already use Prebid, Browsi comes with its own instance of Prebid out of the box and ready to be used without set up or maintenance fees.


Our AI requires actual human engagement to function; as a result, Browsi drives down IVT from the industry standard of 2.4% to ~0.2% for our partners.

Browsi is able to work with any existing technology on your page or in your ad stack. All you need to do is integrate with Browsi and connect your demand sources to begin. 


Browsi can continuously help with optimization viewability by controlling the ad load mechanisme in a publisher’s existing placements. It defines how each ad should be loaded, when, and if it can be refreshed in view. In addition, Browsi provides a viewability prediction at the ad-call level into any existing ad placement,for higher programmatic yield, better direct sold and reduced ad waste.

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Great for the whole team

Browsi is loved by ad ops, revenue, product, and editorial teams. We align with any UX requirement, and automatically maintain the Condition for Better Ads guidelines. We keep the UX intact, and give our publishers the ability to drive ad revenue up without compromising on visitor experience or intrusiveness.

Plug & slay your KPIs

We made it easy to say yes. Browsi integrates with your existing ad server, and is super-easy to set up & use. We also offer a 14-day free trial & a dedicated customer success manager to ensure everyone on your team is on-board with the new technology.

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Allow AI to personalize the ad layout per user | Increase UX and keep your stakeholders happy

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Hit your KPIs for 2022 | Dramatically increase viewability, scale, and RPM

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